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The Singapore Flyer

The Singapore Flyer

Unless you observe carefully, you are not to blame if you think the 28 capsules on the Singapore Flyer are not moving at all (They are moving, trust me :-)). The number of capsules were planned with a reason. In fact, each capsule was actually constructed to a size of 280 sq ft and can accommodate 28 passengers.

Although now a modern city, Singapore majority population is Chinese and many still believe in the art of Feng Shui. 28 in feng shui resembles prosperity and wealth. That explains the number's affiliation with the Singapore Flyer. And again for feng shui reason, the Singapore Flyer's revolving direction has been changed in August 2008 with advice from the feng shui masters that the original direction was "taking fortune away from the city".

The Singapore Flyer in the City Skyline

With the Marina Bay Sands and the newly opened Gardens by the Bay as it's neighbours, the Singapore Flyer has received increased attention. If you are a fan of Formula one, you would not missed it's presence in  television when the race was held in the night in Singapore. It was supposedly to be the star attraction before the Marina Bay Sands was completed and all the racing vehicles would have to drive pass it for 19 times!

For those who like to take photograph of the giant structure, the Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay have good photo-taking spots. It's a big day when Singapore equivalent to the London Eye in England was completed and opened to the public on 1 March 2008. Blamed it on my engineering background or superstitious instinct, I would always wait for at least 1 year before taking the plunge to take a ride on any new attractions that involves mechanical and especially moving structure.

Sad to say, I was proved right numerous time. Most, if not all of these attractions were completed with tight time line (and sometimes budget) and I was always not too surprise if they neglected some little details. These neglected small details could sometimes lead to big problems. I was bingo yet again with the Singapore Flyer. Within 1 year after it's grand opening, the giant wheel has broke down three times. The worst one was when 173 passengers were trapped in their capsules for almost 6 hours and a few of them have to be lowered down to safety in a sling-like device!

Night view from the Singapore Flyer#1

Sticking to my decision (and proved right), I finally took the ride after my self-declared "Safety Period". In fact, I have taken two rides in the Singapore Flyer after that. The tickets were not cheap especially when you were bringing your whole family.

But as a Singaporean, I would always like to show my gesture of support to my country's newest national icon. In fact, after taking the 30 minutes ride, I thought it was really not a bad idea at all. At the highest point of 165 meters above ground level, you could enjoy the panoramic views of the city skyline. Many Singapore's landmarks-The Marina Bay Sands, Fullerton Hotel, The Esplanade, The Merlion and now The Gardens by the Bay could be captured in a glance.

I recommend all of you to take the ride in the night. In my personal opinion, the captivating night view at the top would always be my highlight of the ride. I was also well assured that your young ones will be excited by the ride. My daughter enjoyed it and has always asked me when we can take the ride again.

Night view from the Singapore Flyer#2

If you are planning a visit to Singapore, remember to pay the Singapore Flyer a visit. This is the official site.

The Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay


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